Weather Slump

This weather is killing me.  What happened to the warm and sunny weather???

All this dreary, drizzly weather has me in a slump.  I just want to be in jammies, sipping hot tea, and watching a good movie…

So, this that is what I’m going to do!  Luvy and I were given a 2 month subscription to Netflix, so I ordered a movie.  Of course it is a chick flick!  I will be ready with my popcorn.  I’m also getting Luvy some ice cream as a treat for watching a chick flick with me.  🙂  Now that’s love.

Before I run off to watch my movie and be a slug, I wanted to show you what I just received:

My friend, Erin, from The Grass Skirt recently hosted a NuNaturals giveaway, and I won!  I never win anything, so I was super excited.  Plus, I have been wanting to try this brand forever!  I love stevia, and I have been wanting to get my hands on some of this baking blend for a while.  I think I will be baking this weekend.

I will post a review as soon as I get to try them.  🙂

Also, while we were in Tennessee, we went to visit the home where Luvy’s grandparents lived, as well as his Uncle Frank who passed away last December.  I found this beautiful Fiesta bowl to put fruit in.  His parents and brothers and sisters were so generous to let us have it!  

I think it looks so pretty on our table.  Plus, it is a daily reminder to Luvy and I of Uncle Frank and Luvy’s grandparents.  🙂

Now that I got sappy on you all… time for that chick flick!

Is the weather affecting you all??


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