Boo for Skool

Things around here are TENSE.  Both Luvy and I are in bad moods… noticeably bad moods.

We aren’t our chipper and delightful selves, because school has a kung-fu grip on us.  Deadlines are here, my friends.

I am an EXTREMELY scheduled person.  I made to-do lists and plans and I stick to them.  I do not like when my plans get interrupted.  Type A???  Not me… 🙂  I also get frazzled very easily. 

Posts may be a bit scattered for the next few weeks until I get some things rolling in school.  🙂

One way that I deal with my stress is to 1) cry, 2) exercise, 3)cook, and 4)eat.  Mostly in that order.  However #1 may be dispersed throughout 2-4.

Tomorrow night be ready for my recipe on super moist and utterly amazing banana bread.  This stuff is healthy too!  It has been what Luvy and I have been munching on all week.  It was even Jenna approved.  😉

Something super fun to put on your calendar:

Brooks Elementary School 5k run/walk & 1 mile fun run/walk

October 1, 2011

8:00- 11:00 am

Jefferson Memorial Forest- Yost Ridge and Michell Hill Lake Trails

Registration is $20 until September 16, $25 after

Luvy and I will be there!  Still no running for me though.  Stink.  If you would like to register you can go to their website here, or e-mail me at

Back to the grind.  Gotta get a lot of work done….we have plans this weekend!

Do any of you perform better under stress?  I think I need a good cry or a muffin…or both!


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