Bring it on!

I went outside to go to work today and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  It hit me right in the face, and it took my breath away.

What was it??

COLD!  I have finally sucked it up, put my big girl britches on, and come to the conclusion that summer is over.  I have drug out my sweatshirts, pumpkin stash, and hot tea.  Bring it on!

I love summer.  I love heat and sunshine, but instead of fighting the cold this year I’m going to embrace it.

Bring on the changing of the leaves, crockpot meals, pumpkin oats, and FOOTBALL!

Today, I had a doctor appointment that I have been dreading.  Since it was cold and gloomy out, I just knew it was going to be bad.  Instead, I got great news and was told that I’m completely normal.  🙂  I don’t think that has EVER been said to me.

To make today even better, my sweet boss knows me too well.  She cut kept the newspaper from today that highlights MamaPea!  It featured her African Peanut Soup, which I just made earlier this week!!  

To celebrate MamaPea’s success (and because it seemed like a great “fall” meal), I made Luvy and I her Wannabe Tamale Pie for dinner.  We ate in a blissful silence.  This girl is a genius!  

Now I’m ready to tackle my two huge projects due for school!

Bring it on!

How do you all feel about fall coming?


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