A Sea of Orange

What a quick weekend!  Luvy and I ran to Tennessee on Friday and came back Saturday.

It felt like a whirlwind!

I had forgotten how wonderful it is to be in Tennessee during football season.  Everywhere you go, everything is ORANGE.  We went into Wal-mart and literally everyone had orange on.  This wasn’t near campus either.

In the parking lot, people were yelling at us “Go Big Orange!”.  Felt like home.

Friday was Luvy’s oldest brother, Nathan’s, birthday, and Saturday was Luvy’s mom’s birthday!  Saturday we celebrated both of their birthdays and watched the UT game.

Notice all the orange?

I love being around family.  

Something is off in this picture..  My oldest niece, Elizabeth, is 5’11”.  I’m standing on my toes and she is squatting some.  I need to invest in some heels.  🙂

We like to indoctrinate the children young.

They are UT fans before they can say their first word.  It would be even better if their first words were, “Go Vols!”.  🙂

It was a quick trip, but it was worth every minute of it.

We have a wonderful family!

Happy Birthday Nathan and Mary Ann!!  We love you!

How was y’alls weekend??

(I haven’t forgotten bookclub.  That will resume this week.  Be ready for Chapter 6!!)


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