Going back to my roots

I am always anxious when I get my hair cut!

I don’t know why.  Jill, my hair stylist, always does a fantastic job.  I have never once been disappointed when I left, plus I love love love getting my hair washed.  Jill recently opened J Michael’s Spa and Salon, and this was my second time seeing her there.

The girl who washes my hair gives me a great head massage.  My TMJ and temples needed it too, because I have been clenching and chopping my teeth at night like crazy.  Stress??  I think so.

Even though I’m on pins and needles before I go, I’m always happy to get my roots fixed.

So, what do you all think?

We took about 2 inches off the bottom, plus added in a ton of layers.

For fall, I went back to my roots.  I added back in some of my natural strawberry blonde.  Did you all know I was a strawberry blonde when I was a baby??  True story.  It was more strawberry blonde, but definitely in the red family.  Then, it turned super blonde.  As I age, I notice more and more of the red coming out.  I sure hope that it still looks good with UT orange!

It was already starting to go more blonde here.  I was a cute kid.  What happened??  😉

Luvy and I didn’t get in until after 5 tonight, so dinner was an egg sandwich (his) and oatmeal (hers).  Now, it’s time for The Mentalist.  I am so ready for all our shows to be back on!

What do you all think of the X Factor?

Don’t forget the NuNaturals Stevia giveaway ends Sunday!


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