Happy Trails

This is not PM time!

This is the time that I pulled out of my garage this morning to head to Jefferson Memorial Park for the Brooks 5k.  😦  Talk about one sleepy girl.  It was only 37° out too!  It has taken me all day to warm up.  I still don’t think I’m completely thawed out.

We did most of the prep for the 5k yesterday.  It was a trail run through two of the trails at the park.  I have never run a trail race before, but I have decided that I will stick to hiking in the woods..not running.

My new and sweet friend Sarah is the woman over the entire race.  She is incredible!

We took the men with us.  Travis and Luvy did all the hard manual labor, like driving stakes in the ground and stapling signs to the stakes.  🙂

It was a fun 3.4 (Shhh. don’t tell!) mile hike with Travis and Sarah.  I took my handy garmin to map the course.

We marked it at every quarter of a mile.  

After hiking and marking everything, Luvy and I had worked up an appetite.  He made my day by taking me on a date!  I usually cook every night, but last night he took me to El Mundo.  

El Mundo is a every eclectic place in Louisville that serves very good and super fresh Mexican food.  It isn’t what you would consider “Mexican”.  

My friend, Maddie, spent quite a bit of time in Mexico and said it is more like traditional Mexican food than the run of the mill Mexican places we are used to.  There is no lard in the beans, and everything is made fresh to order.  It is the only Mexican place I can eat.

Their guacamole is also made fresh there.  It was awesome.  My tummy still has a hard time with oil, so the veggies and the rice were a little much for me, but everything else was fantastic!  Next time, I think I’ll ask for something else instead of the rice.

Luvy got the quesadillas.  He said they were awesome.

It was the perfect date.  🙂


On another note, today is my sweet sister-in-laws birthday!  Happy Birthday, Jennifer!  We love you!!!

How is y’alls weekend going?



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