Sneezing and Studying

I’m being held prisoner by my book.

I have a big test coming up, and all my time has been dedicated to studying… Well that and Kleenex. 

If my sneezing and red nose doesn’t turn you on, then my man voice definitely will!

Between the cold snap this past weekend and the allergies, my body has decided to rebel.  I officially have a sinus infection.  Yuck.  Now, all I want is warm comfort foods.

Lucky for me Luvy made a huge pot of soup beans and cornbread.  He has also been cleaning and taking care of everything since I haven’t been feeling well and have been studying.  I am so blessed!  🙂

Okay, enough procrastinating… back to the books.

Back to the regularly scheduled blogging soon!  I promise.  Until then, check out Anne’s blog.  She is doing an Attune Foods brunch party and breakfast kit giveaway!


2 thoughts on “Sneezing and Studying

  1. Brittany, I could really use your help for gluten free ideas for my 5 year old. We’ve been doing pretty good the past 3ish years but we are struggling for school lunches! I can’t seem to find anything that is good to eat cold. They refuse to heat anything up for him so on days that they don’t have something he can eat, I pack him a lunch.. and its always cold. Any ideas? Poor lil AJ is starved by the time he gets home 😦

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