Sugar Free Applesauce

I told you a while back that I had some apples to put to good use.

Remember when Jenna and I went to pick a ton of apples?  Well, I knew some of these apples were going to be used to make applesauce.  In fact, I wanted to go and get Jonagolds just for that use.

In my humble opinion, they make the best applesauce.  As they age, they get super sweet.  No sugar needed.

I made my applesauce just how my mamaw used to make it.  🙂  My mamaw not only made homemade bread, but she made the best applesauce and pickles.  Actually, I don’t know of anything that she couldn’t make!  🙂

Maybe I got my love of the kitchen from her??

You start by using apples that have aged.  I know mine are ready because they are waxy and soft feeling.  Remember these were picked fresh from the tree.  Most apples can feel waxy from the grocery, because they have wax on them unless you get organic.

Sugar Free, Guilt Free Applesauce

Core and peel the apples.

Roughly chop them and toss them into a large stockpot.  Depending on how many apples you use, add in a little bit of water so that they don’t burn.  I did about 15-20 apples and added in about 1.5- 2 cups of water.

Cook the apples over medium heat.  They will start to break down.

Stir frequently to keep them from burning and sticking.  Add water if necessary.  

You can either stop here if you like chunky applesauce.  For a smooth applesauce, use an immersion blender and blend until creamy and smooth.

Now, get out a big bowl and enjoy!  I like warm applesauce… weird?  Not me!

This applesauce is sugar free, guilt free, and not full of all kinds of weird ingredients.  Just the way we like it!

Do you all make homemade applesauce?  One of these days I’m going to try making apple butter.


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