Fall Weekends

Yesterday was the perfect fall day!  I love fall weekends!

Luvy and I worked on school stuff most of the day, but that evening we went for a long walk in one of our favorite parts of Louisville.  We went to an area called the Highlands.  It is where a lot of our favorite restaurants are.  To call that area eclectic might be an understatement.  I think that’s why we like it so much.  🙂

On the way back , we walked through some neighborhoods.  We realized that we were matching after we started walking.  We both had on orange UT t-shirts and black bottoms.  Even in Louisville, people were yelling Go Vols as they drove by.  We got several compliments on our shirts.  🙂  It almost felt like East Tennessee…

Today we had the annual church picnic.  I forgot the camera.  (Doh!)  We didn’t stay long, because I have a bad cough.  Yikes.  We have big plans this weekend and next week, so I have to get rid of this asap!  It is a congested cough.

I’m off to hang out with Luvy and turn in early tonight.  I’m starting physical therapy tomorrow morning for my knee.  About time, right?

How was y’alls weekend??


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