Sweetwater in Seattle

Yesterday, we met up with a friend of mine from high school!  Believe it or not, us Sweetwater people do get out!  🙂

Daniel lives out here now, so it was nice to see a familiar face.

We met up for breakfast at Portage Bay Cafe.  They had pretty much anything for anyone.  Gluten free, vegan, and carnivores alike.

Luvy got apple cobbler french toast.

They have an amazing toppings bar that lets you pile fruits on your main dish.  I got the vegan banana pancakes.  They were also gluten free!

Each pancake was the size of my head!  It was HUGE!  I only ate 1 plus a ton of fruit.  Even still, I thought I might explode!

We both agreed that it was the most amazing breakfast we had ever had!

From there, Daniel took us to Super Jock and Jill where he works.  It is a really cool running store.  Back in the day, Daniel fit me for my first pair of running shoes.  They were the best shoes I ever had.  So, if you are in Seattle and you need running apparel or shoes- go see him!

It was really fun hanging out with a “local”, because he took us to all kinds of fun places.  Our first stop was to the troll.

Daniel said that they put this here to bring tourist and people in to see the troll to keep transits from loitering around under the bridge.

Pretty good idea, I think.

We were going to go to another park, but since it was raining Daniel took us by Gas Works Park.

It is so neat!  It used to be a plant that manufatured gas from coal, but it is no longer in use.  It was converted to a park and play area for kids. 

The views there are just incredible!  

From there, you can see several of the house boats.  If  you look at this picture below, you can see the houseboat they used in Sleepless in Seattle.  It is the grayish-blue one in the middle.

After we left Daniel, we headed over to see the space needle.  

That, my friends, was only half of our day!

More to come tomorrow!  I’ve gotta hit the hay.  I’m exhausted.

 Only 2 days left!!  😦  Where did the time go??


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