Time to get serious!

Thursday evening and Friday was spent doing what we really came here for, Luvy’s NAPCE convention.

Before it was all work and no play, we went to eat at a very cute cafe called Sage Bakery and Cafe.

The food was to die for!  Luvy’s face says it all!

Since we were both on carb overload from breakfast, we both opted to have our sandwiches on a bed of lettuce instead of on bread.

I loved their tempeh!  They make it there fresh.  I’m so jealous.  I wish I knew how to make tofu and tempeh!

After dinner, we ran across the street to Remedy Teas so that I could get something warm to drink.

I swear, this was the best tea I have ever had in my life!!  I was tempted to buy a bag to take home with me.  (Don’t tempt me!  The week isn’t over yet!)

From there, it was time to get to business.  We headed over to Seattle Pacific University for Luvy’s conference.

It is a really pretty campus!

That night, I got to join him to hear Eugene Peterson speak!  He has written several books, and he is the author of the Message, which in an interpretation of the Bible in contemporary language.

He was an incredible speaker, and it was an honor to hear him.

Friday morning came EARLY!  We had to get up and get ready, because Luvy was presenting at the conference!  He did a GREAT job.  It was completely packed.  I was so proud of him.  He is a fantastic public speaker!  Plus, he isn’t half bad to look at either.  😉

He was in his conference until 5 on Friday.  I worked on a few things at the SPU library and then came back to our place to shower and eat.  Before I knew it, it was time to pick him up and head to dinner.

For dinner we tried out another vegan restaurant here in Seattle.  I am so thankful that Luvy likes to try new things and doesn’t have to have meat at every meal!

Thrive is mostly a raw place, but they do have warm grain bowls that aren’t raw.

I got the Buddha Bowl with the sauces on the side, and Luvy got the awaken with the Bella Burger crumbles on it.

It was fantastic!  Two great dinners two nights in a row!!

After all this eating out and good food, I have noticed that my jeans are fitting a bit more snug… odd because I have worn them at least 4 days now…  😉

I usually have trouble finding places to eat, but not here in Seattle!

Only one more day left, and then it’s back to the real world!  Bummer.


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