Saturday in Seattle

Saturday was a rainy and dreary day here in Seattle.

That morning, Luvy finished up his conference.  It was such a rewarding experience for him, and I’m so glad we got to come out for it!

After the conference, we treated ourselves to a tour of Theo Chocolate!!  Chocolate + me = Happy.  

They make several dairy free chocolates, plus they are fair trade.  The girl that did our tour was great!

She let us sample cocoa nibs.  That is what chocolate is made from pre-sugar.  I love them!  They would be great in granola or on top of oatmeal.  🙂  (I think I like everything on oatmeal!)

See that chocolate flowing?  I wish I could stick my face under there!

We took it easy that afternoon.  Luvy was spent from sitting all morning in his conference, plus we had to get up early again.

That afternoon, we had Daniel over for the 2nd half of the Tennessee game.  Who would have thought that we would travel all the way to Seattle and have someone over to watch a Tennessee game?!?  The game wasn’t that great, but the company was terrific!

The three of us went out to Agua Verde for dinner.  It is a super fresh Mexican place here in Seattle.  We all loved it!

At first, I ordered their vegan tacos, but soon found out that their “vegan” tacos are sautéed with butter!  The server said that most vegans don’t mind that.  I have never met a vegan that didn’t mind butter, but who knows??

I went with an amazing salad.  It was the ensalada de naranjas y alemdras.  It had romaine lettuce, oranges, almonds, jicama and red onion with prickly pear vinaigrette.  Plus I had a side of beans and my weights worth of chips and salsa!  It was fantastic!  I was such a good salad that I wasn’t sad about the tacos at all!

After dinner Daniel took us over to Gasworks Parks again to see the city at night.  It was beautiful!  My pictures all turned out blurry though.  😦

I’m so not ready to leave this city!!  I love it here!


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