Sun(Fun)day in Seattle

Sunday was such a relaxing day!  Even though it was our last day in Seattle, it was so calm and relaxing.

For the first time in… maybe ever, Luvy and I both slept in and ate breakfast leisurely together on a Sunday!  Sundays are usually rushed and Luvy is going 50 different directions at a time, so it was very exciting for me to just spend time with him.

After getting ready, we headed out to the Fremont market.  

It was such an eclectic and fun place.  I wish we had something like this in Louisville!  It was more than a farmer’s market.  It was a flea market/ farmer’s market/ local goods market.  

After the market, we went back to Chaco Canyon for lunch.

This time, I got the lentil dal bowl, and Luvy got the peanut bowl (again).  Why fix something that isn’t broken??  😉

I wanted to bring Chaco Canyon home with me so bad!!  😦

With happy bellies, we went to say our last goodbye to Daniel.  He was at work, so we didn’t get to stay long.

It was so nice catching up with him!

We were off to change clothes and head out for what Luvy and I had been looking forward to all week.  One of our favorite preachers, Mark Driscoll, has a church in Seattle.

There are several campuses of Mars Hill in Seattle.  Mark is the preaching pastor at the Ballard campus.  They have 4 services, so we went to the 5pm service.  I bet you all thought we were skipping church this Sunday since we didn’t go this morning.

You did didn’t you???  😉

When we got there, everyone is extremely warm and welcoming.  People just kept coming up to us and chatting.  I loved it!

We weren’t there long before we realized that Mark wasn’t there that Sunday!!!  NOOOOO!!!  Just our luck.  😉

That just gives us another reason to return to Seattle.

To celebrate our last night, we went to a nice dinner on the water.

We ended up at Ray’s café.  It was incredible!

I got a tofu dish with baby bok choy, broccoli, sugar snap peas, tofu, and soba noodles.  It was the best last dinner!!

Luvy got the Grilled Alaskan Ling Cod.  His had potatoes and roasted artichoke hearts.  He really enjoyed his as well.  I think more than anything he enjoyed getting something he usually wouldn’t get.

It was raining when we left.  It was fitting because I was sad we had to head back to our place and pack.

Not much rest for the weary because we had to be up by 3:15 to get ready to leave for the airport!

Seattle was a great vacation!  I’m glad to be home, but I sure do miss not having to cook and having all those healthy food choices!

I hope you all enjoyed our journey!  Thanks for sharing it with us!


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