Our Seattle Secret

When we were in Seattle, I struggled with waking up only after sleeping 4 or so hours for the first several days.  Now that I’m home, I am having trouble waking up!

I feel like I have been run over by a truck!  The big black circles under my eyes are not exactly the look I was going for.  🙂  Any good cures for jet lag??

Hopefully, I can take it easy this weekend and sleep!  I’m not going to hold my breath or anything, but one could dream… right?

Enough of me being a whiny baby…  I have been getting lots of questions on where we stayed while we were in Seattle.  Unfortunately, we don’t have a second house.  However, we did stay in a house.

We found our place through airbnb.  People can put places up for rent.  You can rent out everything from your couch to an entire island!

After looking on there for a while, Luvy found Robin’s place.  She had all great reviews, and was extremely nice to chat with!

When we got to the house, we didn’t have any luggage or anything with us.  To our pleasant surprise, the house was completely stocked!

She had milk, eggs, bread, oats, and all kinds of goodies already in the kitchen.

The bathroom had all the necessities you might need.  She even had bath robes for us!

There are two bedrooms in the house.  The master was perfect for us, and the bed was super comfy (if only I could have slept!).

We had never used airbnb before, but this will not be our last time.  Plus, we plan on going back to see Robin again.  If you are ever in the Seattle area, you MUST stay at Robin’s place!  Feel free to contact me for her contact info.

If you haven’t ever tried airbnb, we highly recommend it.  It was cheaper (by hundreds of dollars), more comfy, and more convenient than staying in a hotel.

So, now you know our secret!

I hope you all are having a great week.

Big news…  Tomorrow Trader Joes opens in Louisville!!

Guess where I’ll be tomorrow??  😉


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