Risking it for the Chowder

What a day!

By noon I had already accomplished so much!  I love getting lots of things accomplished in the mornings.  I definitely work best in the mornings.  Come the afternoon or evening, and I procrastinate and can’t get focused.

This morning I had appointments starting at 7am!

I was out the door early in oats in a jar in hand.  It was the end of my Nuttzo PF (peanut free).  I think I might cry.  However, I still have some Nuttzo Original left- it’s my favorite by far!  Maybe Santa is listening and will bring me more Nuttzo!  😉

Like I need more nut butters in my life!  I have made an agreement with myself to only allow 2 jars open at a time.  One peanut butter (that’s the only one Luvy eats) and one other nut butter.  I’m dying right now because I miss my sunflower butter.  However, absence will make the heart grow fonder right??

Anywho, after my appointments I decided to brave going to our new Trader Joe’s today.  Today was the grand opening.  

I should have thought again.  WHAS 11 news was there for all the action and everything.

This place was a MADHOUSE.  You couldn’t get down the aisles for anything.  However, everything looked great!  It was so nuts that you had to follow stalk people to their cars just to take their shopping buggy or basket.  The store didn’t have enough for everyone!

I thought about yelling fire so that I could just get my roasted corn for tonight’s dinner and some pumpkin ice cream for my friend.  Since I don’t have jail time in my time budget right now, I reconsidered and elbowed my way through the crowd.  The two ladies with rollers in their hair weren’t at all pleased with me.  🙂

I love Trader Joe’s and all, but enter at your own risk.  You might lose a limb or two in there.  I will be back… just in a few weeks when the craziness dies down!

After getting back safely in my car, I regained my senses and headed over to Whole Foods where the people didn’t try to trample me.

I was so frazzled at this point that I forgot the most important ingredient that I went in for!  Just like me…  If my hair wasn’t already curly, it would be from that!

I got home, unwound, wasted my afternoon, and made some vegan corn chowder- with my roasted corn!

YUM!  Fighting the crowd was worth it for my roasted corn.

Sorry about that elbow!


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