Quality Time

I finally have my Luvy back!!

Yesterday, he got out of class and made it home by 12:30.  We had a meeting at 1:30, then for the rest of the day we hung out.  I neglected school work just to be with him.  It was perfect!!  I have missed him so much.  It was time for some much needed quality time!

Today, I worked on school stuff until lunch.  It was a gorgeous day here in Kentucky, so we headed outdoors on a nice hike.

We hadn’t heard of Jefferson Memorial Forest until I helped with a 5k there a while back, but it is the perfect place to get out in nature and take a nice hike.

It certainly isn’t the Smokies, but you can still get in a good hike.  I think we are just a little partial to the Smokies.  🙂

It was beautiful there.  

I loved walking through the leaves!  Plus, I had a great view for most of the hike.  😉

We hiked a little over 5.5 miles.  We missed our markers twice, so we didn’t do the exact hike we planned, but we still had fun.  The markers there are a little tricky IMHO.

We got home, and I had some great dinner plans for us.  I have been eyeing Angela’s Pumpkin Maple Baked Bean Cornbread Casserole for a while now.  That’s a mouthful to say and type!  

It was so easy!  Make up the beans, dump in pot, mix up cornbread, dump on top, and bake.

It tasted as good as it looked!  I don’t like things sweet, so I would cut some of the sugar out.  However, Luvy didn’t think it was too sweet at all.  I’m just weird.

I paired it with mixed greens cooked with balsamic vinegar and a little bit of maple syrup topped with maple roasted pecans.  YUM!

To roast the pecans, I just used a dry skillet and put my pecans in there.  Turn the heat up to medium and drizzle some maple syrup on there to coat.  Cook for 2-3 minutes, stirring frequently.

Perfect date, perfect day, perfect dinner, now- movie time!

Don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour!


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