I talk all the time about how busy Luvy and my life is.

I’m not trying to complain.  I know all these things are gifts from God.  God has blessed us with an amazing ministry, great jobs, and school opportunities.  He has also put us in this season in life for a reason.  Although I don’t know what that reason is quite yet, He does, and I have to trust that.

I say that to confess that I have not been trusting Him.  I pile my plate high with all the things I have to do plus all the things that I feel expected to do, and then I rely on myself to get through it.  Not exactly the best strategy!  This has completely taken a toll on me, my joy, and my attitude.  Something had/has to change.

I came to the realization that my priorities were way out of line.  I was too concerned with “getting things done” and doing all the things I felt “expected” to do– all the things a “good wife” does.  This included things like feeling like I have to cook a gourmet dinner every night or making sure that the floors get scrubbed every week.

Instead of spending time every day with God and allowing Him to speak to me, I rushed through my daily quiet time and marked that off my list.  How many of us are guilty of that when times get stressful???  I realized that I wasn’t giving God my attention or quality time.  I just wanted to get it done.  This certainly didn’t put my mind on things of the Lord.  This just helped fuel my selfish ways and ambitions.

These things plus others have just fueled my anxiety and stress.  I am prone to anxiety and stress anyway, so this was a bad cycle I had created for myself.

I have decided to change my priorities.  If I don’t have time to make a nice dinner, there is nothing wrong with some steamed veggies, beans and rice, or eggs and toast.  These things are still healthy, and they will take a fraction of my time.  This doesn’t make me less of a wife.  If my floors don’t get mopped one week, so what?  The only people who will know is me and Luvy.  He isn’t telling on me!  I must say, this is much easier to type than to put into practice!!

Also, I love to blog.  I love the e-mails and messages I get from each and every one of you.  However, I am going to cut back on my blogging.  I will miss you all like crazy, but I’m only going to blog for the next few weeks when I have time.  I have to prioritize God, family, and then school first.

Other techniques I’m using to destress are:

1. Exercise!  This gets my nervous energy out and allows the endorphins to flow!

2. Spend quality time reading my Bible and in prayer.

3. Make a plan and set goals.  This keeps me on track.

4. Turn off the wifi on my computer.  That way I can’t browse or check e-mails when I’m supposed to be working.

5. Say no!  I’m having to turn things down and learn how to politely say no when my plate is too full.

6. Let some things go.  Try not to stress over the little things.  I think this is the hardest one for me!

Also check out Erin’s post on tips for dealing with stress!

Do you all have any stress relievers that work for you?


3 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. I will miss your encouraging and delightful posts, but I truly admire you and the time you have taken to self-reflect!

  2. Such an encouraging post. I am experiencing some of the same stresses and emotions as of late. I think our Type A, perfectionist personalities have an evil way of taking over and when we realize it, we are overwhelmed and lose sight of who we really are. I will be thinking about you often…Hopefully, we can get our joy back and enjoy every minute of our day.

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