Human Interaction

This weekend I have been swallowed up in the books!

I was in SERIOUS need of human interaction.  Saturday morning, Luvy took me out to spin class for my sanity!  After spin, I spent my day studying.  Luvy had other plans.

This weekend, Pastor Jon Pennington and his family were in from our partnering church in Chicago.  So, Luvy spent his Saturday afternoon shooting skeet with shot guns.

Since it was three men shooting, there was of course some friendly competition.  Luvy won shooting 25 out of 30!  That’s my guy!!

Saturday was also my sweet friend, Jennifer’s birthday.  Remember last year when I shared her birthday with you all?  Luckily, I was able to chat with her for a bit in between study breaks.  I miss her so much.  She always brightens my day!!

That night, I gladly peeled myself away to go hang out with Jon and Alana.  We went out to see the movie Courageous.  It was awesome!  I loved the message.  Little Rachel joined us.  Jon and Alana have 4 children!  Incredible!!

Today, even though I still have a ton to write and study, I joined Jon, Alana, the kids, Luvy, and our college and young adult group at Moe’s to hang out for a bit after church.

It was well worth it!  Even though I have a ton on my plate, it made me realize how much I need human interaction.  Today, I was able to focus this afternoon and study hard.  This is my extrovert coming out in me!

Plus, one of my favorite readers took all my pictures at Moe’s.  Thanks Scott!  🙂

I’ve just got to buckle down for three more weeks and this will all be just a bad dream!

I’m going to need your encouragement to get through these next 3 weeks!


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