One assignment down, 5 to go!

I’m so glad that Luvy hasn’t been super crazy so that he can help me out around the house and kitchen while my life is nuts.

There has been lots of quick and easy meals around here.  Several of you have asked me how to eat healthy and it not take a ton of time or expense.  A post is coming up about that!

A while back, I ordered some Nuttzo Original and Peanut Free.  I immediately fell in love with the original.  Today, I had to say goodbye to my Nuttzo.  😦  It was oats in a jar to clean out the last bit of it.

It may have been my favorite oats in a jar ever.  One Nuttzo down, 4 nuttzo weeks left!

Maybe Santa can bring some more Nuttzo, but only the good kind!

This weekend is Mission’s Sunday at our church.  I’m making my Pumpkin Banana Bread to auction off at the fundraiser!!  Any other goodies you all would like for me to make for the fundraiser?  I’m taking suggestions!


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