Funky Friday

I usually don’t work on Fridays, but today was an exception.  We are so busy at the office.  It is a good thing, but it seems like everything in my life is busy right now.

My day looked like this:

  • 7am physical therapy
  • 8am dress and eat
  • 9-1 work
  • 1 lunch in car
  • 2-5 allergist with Luvy
  • 5-7 Trader Joes, Whole Foods, drive home
  • 7-8 make and eat dinner
  • 8 shower
  • 9:15 meet up with friends for a movie

Notice there was no studying going on there??  I’m so behind, but my body and mind needed a break.  Remember when I posted about needing human interaction?  Well, I’m trying to do more of that and less stressing.  My grades might be a B instead of an A, but at least I have a life.  Right?  Plus, I don’t want to be all stressed out over the holidays.

Did you also notice that we went to the allergist?  Poor Luvy hasn’t been able to breathe since he moved to Kentucky, so we decided it was time to take action.  

The doctor walked in after the testing and said “you have got to be miserable!”.  I felt so bad for him.  He is still itching.  Poor guy is allergic to every tree and all kinds of grasses.  Plus cockroaches!  Ew!  Just the thought makes me shudder…

For dinner, I whipped up another quick meal.  It was ready in 25 minutes- start to finish.  I made Emily’s Cocoa Quinoa.  I have been wanting to try it for a long time, and tonight was the perfect night.  Plus it is gluten free!

I’m off to join all the teenagers and Twilight fanatics at the movie theater.  I might even sneak in my own popcorn!  What else are big purses for??  🙂

Have a great weekend!!


One thought on “Funky Friday

  1. I can totally sympathize with him! I have had numerous allergy tests and I’ve been allergic to 95% of stuff…but here’s.the real kicker…I’m allergic to benedryl so I had to.suffer! It was MISERABLE! My allergist put me.on Singulair. Its helped SO MUCH! Even moving back to Tn I haven’t been sick (and I normally stay sick in fall and spring!). If I forget to take it one day I totally notice too! Hope they figure out how to help. I did shots for a while. They now have drops you can get but they are more expensive. 🙂

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