Cookin’ and Bakin’

The “busy-ness” has begun!  I have been whirling around the kitchen all day.

While I was a busy bee, I though I might share some of my Thanksgiving meal plans with you all.

I have 3 Thanksgiving dinners to attend and cook for.  Black Friday will be spent in sweat pants…. Because I know my jeans won’t button after all this!

This morning, I made 2 pumpkin pies.

I bought graham cracker crusts at Whole Foods, and whipped up the pumpkin filling by scratch.  Dairy-free of course!  My recipe only slightly differs from Mama Pea’s recipe.  I’ll post it later.

Here is my meal plans for our three dinners:

Wednesday night:

  •             Millet and butternut squash salad
  •             Pumpkin Pie

My mom is making me some lentils while everyone else will have ham.  She is also making corn and green beans that I can eat.  Plus, other traditional sides.



  •             Honey baked beans
  •             Corn pudding
  •             Roasted vegetables
  •             Apple and Pear salad
  •             Pumpkin Pie

This meal is hosted at my Daddy’s house, so he and I do a lot of the cooking.  My aunt, cousin, Chris, and his wife, Amanda, will be there as well!  I’m so excited to see them again.  This will be the first time seeing them since their wedding.  They are all bringing side dishes to go with mine and Daddy’s.  Plus, daddy has a ham and turkey.


  •             Roasted vegetables
  •             Corn and quinoa salad from Clean Food

We will be travelling to Luvy’s family for dinner, so these items travel well.   Luvy’s mom always puts out a beautiful spread.  She makes a turkey, dumplings, dressing, and side dishes.  Plus, the four of us all bring sides as well.  What’s even better is that Mary Ann always makes amazing pies for dessert!

Back to the kitchen my loves!  I’m hoping to get a workout in today.  I’ll need it for tomorrow!!

What do you all make every year for Thanksgiving??


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