Tummy Trouble Takedown

A couple of you have noticed that I have been mentioning things being gluten-free quite a bit lately.  As many of you know, I have had tummy troubles for a LONG time.  This lead me to do the LEAP testing and program, which I highly recommend, and allergy testing.

After coming away from a list full of foods that were considered off-limits, it was overwhelming.  Even after cutting all those things out, my tummy would still get terrible pains.  The best way I can describe my pain is it feels like someone is scraping out my insides with a razor.  Nice huh?

Well, after all the doctor’s visits and being poked and prodded nothing was discovered about what was causing my pain.  I tested negative for celiac disease blood test, and I didn’t have an ulcer.  After being super frustrated, I decided to take another approach.  After much thought and counseling from medical professionals, we decided to take all the foods I was allergic to, all my red LEAP foods, and GLUTEN out of my diet.  For a week now, I haven’t had any gluten, and I haven’t had any foods I’m allergic to since Tuesday.

I went to Trader Joes, Whole Foods, and Kroger and stocked up on fresh fruits and veggies.  (Plus some gluten-free cereal… SHHH…)

Meals have been very basic, but guess what??  My stomach is feeling better.

I am also trying to drink lots and lots of water.

I will say though, it is HARD to eat gluten-free and soy-free PLUS cut out all the foods I’m allergic to!  This weekend, I plan on adding foods back in one at a time very slowly and see how I do.  Hopefully my trigger food will become apparent quickly.

I’m ready for my tummy troubles to be over.

Do any of you have foods that give you trouble??  Tomorrow I will explain more of what gluten is and my secret happy belly drink!


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