‘Tis the Season

Can you believe it is already Christmas time??

I feel like it was just July.. now December already?  My grandmother was right about time flying faster as you get older.

The tree is up and decorated.

Notice the pretty heart dish with the Christmas flavored kisses??  Luvy is loving the candy cane kisses.

Plus all our other decorations are up.

I think my most sentimental decoration is the nativity that was given to us as a wedding present.  Remember me telling you about it last year?

This year, I haven’t bought any new decorations.  I’m being smart and waiting until after Christmas.  However, this weekend I’m on the hunt for a good Christmas-y smelling candle!

The hardest part about Christmas for me is making my “list”.  (Just e-mailed you mom… finally.)  I can NEVER think of things to ask for.  I don’t want to look like an idiot and ask for Nuttzo or a kitchen apron.

Do any of you have this problem??

What is on your Christmas list?  


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