Battered and Bruised

Today was a long day!  4 appointments plus 5 stops at 5 different stores all before 2pm.  I was in a mad dash!

I was trying to hurry home so that I could make Christmas goodies, clean the house, and pack all before Luvy got home from work.

I got the Christmas goodies made, and I’m half way packed.  However, the house didn’t get cleaned.  My last stop at the physical therapist went over… by a half hour!

You all know how I inflict injuries on myself all the time right??  Take for instance, yesterday.  I dropped a can of pumpkin on my foot.  It hurt like the dickens.  I am surprised it didn’t break something.

However, it felt like a gentle massage compared to what happened to me today.

Nice huh??  My PT said that my leg was very “crunchy”.  So, they did something like ASTYM.  It is an extremely deep tissue manipulation that breaks up all the little crunchies.  Of course, this is in my words… not theirs!  🙂

All I know is that it hurt like crazy.  Lets just hope it helps!!

Instead of making dinner, Luvy treated me to Moe’s.  We celebrated both of us being done for the semester.  Plus, it was nice to not have to cook.  🙂

Now we are off to enjoy a movie and last night together until he joins me in Tennessee.  😦

Enjoy your weekend!


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