The Handoff

Yesterday Luvy drove me half way to Tennessee to meet Daddy.

I was extremely sad to leave Luvy, but happy that I could come down to help my dad out.

In between stuffing his face with my chex mix, Luvy told me that he was having guys night when he got home.  I didn’t know whether to be happy or scared!  🙂

They had so much fun that Luvy ended up oversleeping this morning!  See how things fall apart when Luvy and I aren’t together.  😉

Today, daddy and I have gotten things situated for his surgery tomorrow.  i.e. Walmart run.

Please keep him in your prayers.  We have to be up at 3am and at the hospital at 5am.  YIKES!  I hope they have strong coffee and a place to lay down.

Daddy should be out of surgery by 9:00 or so.  Follow me on Twitter for updates.

Right now, I am missing our college and young adult Christmas party.  I miss you all!!

 Off to finish packing for the hospital.  Hopefully, I have a compliant patient….  

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