Takin’ it easy

I am so not used to this lifestyle!  I have felt so useless, but in a good way!

For the past couple of days, we have just been taking it easy.  Luvy came to join me late Tuesday night.

Yesterday, we ventured out for the first time.  We ran up to Knoxville to pick up our final Christmas gifts.  All done!  Now, I just need to wrap.

Sorry for the lack of posts, life hasn’t been too interesting around here (other than the shopping).  Luvy has been grading papers, I have been working on a paper to submit to a journal, and Daddy has been napping. Daddy has been doing a lot of sleeping.  He gets worn out pretty quick, but he is doing great.  I can’t thank you all enough for all your messages, texts, e-mails, and phone calls!  It has meant the world to us!

We have been doing a lot of relaxing.  Just what the doctor ordered… for all three of us!

Daddy and Luvy found a new show that has them entertained– Moonshiners.  It is hilarious.

And I painted my toes.  That has been the extent of my activity outside of cooking dinner and writing a paper.  

I could get used to this…

I hope you all are enjoying this Christmas season.  Although I wish it was under different circumstances, I am so glad that I have had this extra time to spend with my dad!

Did you all see the X Factor finale???  I voted over 30 something times for Melanie last night… just sayin.


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