I’ve officially lost it.

I would tell you all that I’m losing it, but that would require me having it in the first place.

For example, tonight I used yet another one of my Christmas gifts.  This would be the second time I have used my new cast iron dutch oven my mom and step-dad got me for Christmas.  

Are you all sensing a trend here– I REALLY like kitchen stuff.

Well, I told you all that we have an excursion planned, so I need to use up all my perishable foods.  Tonight, I made Lentil Dal just so I could put my mushrooms in it.  

I got everything all ready, and low and behold… I DIDN’T USE ANY MUSHROOMS!  I have officially lost all my marbles.

I may be nuts, but I have plenty of kitchen gadgets and I still can work some magic in the kitchen.  🙂

The holidays are over so you would think my mind would return to me, but think again my friends.  Our little excursion involves us and close to 40 college students in a cabin.  If my hair wasn’t already curly… it would be.

Can I borrow someone’s sanity?  


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