Into the Wild

We are officially on our annual college and young adults retreat!

I had planned on posting this last night, but I was EXHAUSTED.  Yesterday, we hiked Mt. Leconte by way of the Alum Cave Trail.  We had a blast!

We actually had a pretty big group go with us.

It was pretty cold to start out with, but the snow was really pretty.

Kayla and I were they only girls that were woman enough to take on the 10-11 miles!

Pretty shortly into the trip, things got a bit hairy.  It was so warm out that ice started to take over where the snow once was.

We were slipping and sliding all over the place, or at least I was!

Luvy and the other guys saved my life several times.  Honestly, I think Luvy and I owe Ethan our first born child!  🙂

We had fun sliding and trying to get up the mountain.  I only busted it once.  I was terrified I was going to break an arm or hand.  I kinda need those for my job!

Even though it was tough getting up there at points, the view was worth it!  

It was the clearest day.  Luvy said that Mt. Leconte is hardly ever this clear.  He has been up there at least 15 times and had never seen it this clear.  

You could see for MILES.

Makes me miss the hills of Tennessee for sure!  Everyone was in awe.

On the way down, it was a bit easier because the ice was a bit more melted.  Ice was breaking off and crashing onto the trial at times.

I think the long hike made some people a little crazy. 


We had a blast, but we were so tired afterward.

My knee held up pretty well until the last 1.5-2 miles and then it was killer.  Today, it feels fine.  Hopefully, this is a good sign!

Stay tuned for more tomorrow night!


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