Winter Retreat

This weekend was fantastic!

We took the college and young adult group down to Pigeon Forge for a weekend retreat.  We had a blast!

They are one good-looking group.  😉 As you all saw yesterday, a bunch of us went hiking on Friday.

Saturday, everyone just hung out, went shopping, and relaxed!  It was amazing sleeping in and not having anything on my agenda to do.  Plus, we had some great company.  🙂  During the day, it was free time, but at night we all got together and had worship time.

At lunch on Saturday, we got to meet up with our friends Ben and April and little guy.  We didn’t get to see them at Christmas or Thanksgiving, so it was refreshing seeing them.  We also got to see Luvy’s parents for a little bit as well!

Our speaker at the event was Luvy’s friend, Roger Williams.  Roger is an incredible speaker and singer songwriter.  Everyone loved hearing him speak.  He really challenged everyone and gave two great messages.

This morning, we got up, packed up, and headed to Knoxville to go to church at One Life.  Luvy’s college roommate, Rodney, is the pastor there.  The church really reminded me of Mars Hill in Seattle.

We had a great time catching up with Rodney and Harrison (plus their little girl!).  We really don’t get to see our friends enough.

Of course, I was so excited to see everyone, I didn’t take any pictures!

I’m sad the weekend is over, but I’m not sad to sleep in my bed tonight!


Before I sign off, I must say a very Happy Birthday (one day late!!) to one of my best friends, Emily!  Love you and miss you very much!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!


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