Gettin’ Pampered

For the first time in a LONG time, Luvy has actually had time to do things for himself on his “day off”.  Since all the ministers work on Sunday, they all get a day off during the week.

This morning, I got to take care of Luvy a little.  He came in and got his allergy shots, so I cleaned his teeth.  There is nothing like giving your husband two shots then torturing him with floss!  🙂

Luvy also got to go get a hair cut today.  He loves it!  

He tried out a new (to us) place called Hair Play.  Our friend, Joshua, recommended it.

Getting your hair cut and teeth cleaned may not seem like pampering to you, but Luvy has been so busy lately that he hasn’t had time for things like this.  A day “off” where he actually gets to get away from his desk is certainly pampering!

Since the roads were supposed to get slick tonight, we got off a little early.  I came home to a happy hubby and a crockpot full of Chickpea, Lentil, and Butternut Squash Stew!  It is the same as my Cushaw Stew, but with butternut squash instead.  

Perfect end to a cold day.  I have been making a ton of soups and stews since it has been cold out.  I love it!

I’m ready for some real snow!  If it is going to be cold, I want a bunch of snow!

How about you all?  Snow or no snow?


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