In the Raw

I hope many of you enjoyed a PJ Saturday like I did yesterday!

Before I tell you all about Luvy and my’s hot date Friday night, I must congratulate our very good friends, Ben and April, on their new baby girl, Charlotte “Lottie”!

Ben and April are not only amazing people and friends, but they are incredible parents!  We can’t wait to meet Lottie.

So..about that date.  Friday in case you all missed it– it was FREEZING outside.  I really didn’t want to get out and do anything, but Luvy and I hadn’t been on a dinner date in a while.  Where do we go on our dinner dates you might ask??

You guessed it- Bonefish!  I LOVE Bonefish.  They are so accommodating to my food allergies.  However, the waitress did not get bonus points when she tried to charge me $1.50 for a new tea bag.  Hot water is complimentary though.  :/  

Per usual, I got the salmon with steamed veggies.  Nothing new here.  Next time, I’m either getting the salmon salad or trying their tilapia.  I need to change it up a bit.

Luvy, on the other hand, ate raw fish!!  He got he Ahi Tuna.  

He had never had sushi or any kind of raw fish before, so it was a new experience.  Here he is taking his first bite.

He said he loved it and he would get it again.  He is much more brave than me!  🙂

Once the thought of eating raw fish settled in, Luvy was not so sure about his dinner….  

We had a great night out, and it was worth braving the cold.

With dinner night Friday, PJ Saturday, and now a lazy Sunday, I think I’m ready to tackle next week.

How was your weekend??


2 thoughts on “In the Raw

  1. That’s where I am going for my bday dinner! They have an entree called Bang Bang Shrimp!!!! So yummy! If he liked the Ahi Tuna…Outback has AMAZING Ahi as well!! 🙂

    Mary, the one in JC is amazing! Be prepared to wait at night!

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