Here, There, and Everywhere

Hey guys!

How is your Saturday??  Today was a power packed day for Luvy and I!

We started out by doing our favorite Saturday morning date.  Spin and then breakfast!  

You all know that I love Still Spinnin.  🙂

Afterward, Luvy and I showered super quickly and headed to North End Cafe for breakfast.  Breakfast was good, but they ran out of soymilk!!  😦  One of these days restaurants are going to be more friendly to those with dairy allergies/intolerances.  One day…

From there, we ran errands to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.  Then, I got a massage!!

Back in July, I purchased a Living Social deal for a 90 minute massage for only $35!  It was a steal.  I have been wanting to use it forever, but never got the chance.

It was for Lotus 9 in St. Matthews.  The massage studio is beautiful!  I loved the atmosphere.  The girl that did my massage put a hurting on me!

My neck and back gets really messed up because of my job.  I know I need to get massages more often.  I don’t think I will let it go this long again.

We rounded out our night with jambalaya!  Another quick and easy meal.  Trying to stay out of the kitchen!  Plus, I didn’t even pick up my camera today.  Not once.

Even though we ran everywhere, today was a relaxing day and we needed that!

Tomorrow, I HAVE to do some school work…

But tonight…I’m going to relax.

Have a great weekend!!


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