Convenience Food

This is not a post about food you buy from a gas station.  However, I have done that (one example–my wedding night)!  That’s a whole other story…

I am trying really hard to make weeknight meals easier on Luvy and I.  We are trying our best to stay out of the kitchen preparing food and spend more of our time together.  With both of us in school and working full-time, time is precious.

I have been scouring Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s for some quick and healthy meals.  This is the hardest part about finding good meals.  Usually, frozen or “convenience foods” are full of fake stuff, fat, and items that I can’t pronounce!  Right??

So what are we to do when we are in a pinch?

I have been trying to make lots of crockpot meals.  I chop everything up in the morning and let it go all day.  Slow cooked foods are so wonderful this time of year when it is so cold out.  I have been making things like chili and soup beans.  You can find those recipes on my recipe page.  🙂

Also, I have been freezing leftovers.  Soups, chili, soup beans, lentil dal, etc.  All I have to do is heat it up and dinner is served!  I love that method.

I am trying to realize too that eating egg sandwiches is okay sometimes.  You can do an egg scramble and have a piece of toast.  Every meal doesn’t have to be a culinary piece of art.  (That was mostly for me to preach to myself!)  I have such a hard time with that!!!  Not because of pride… I just LOVE to cook.

Finally, I have been testing out some of Trader Joe’s frozen meals.  My first one to try out was their Steel Cut Oatmeal.

Luvy and I had it one morning that we were running behind, and it was okay.  I don’t like sugar in my oats, but if you do then you will LOVE this.  It is quick and easy, plus no weird ingredients.  Luvy seemed to like it pretty well.

Tonight, Luvy and I made their Roasted Vegetable Pizza.  

The box made it look delicious!  When we opened it we were a little surprised. 

It didn’t look anything like the box!!  There was barely any veggies on there.  I just added some more sauce and veggies and popped it into the oven.  I had to cook it for a few minutes longer than the box says to get the center done, but it was pretty good.  We served it up with a salad.  I wasn’t overly impressed with the pizza, but Luvy really liked it.  He loved the crust.  I think the next thing I will try is their pre-made crust in the refrigerated section.  That way I can add more sauce and my own toppings.

So far, Trader Joe’s has had 2 good quick options!

What do you all do for quick meals?


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