A New Look

Notice some changes around here??  I have been wanting to make things a little different on here for a while now.

I hate change, so I have put it off for a while now.  It isn’t done yet!   Before I put too much blood, sweat, and tears into the design (okay maybe only the tears part is true!), I want your feedback.

You all are the ones that matter.  I want you all to like what you see.  Maybe you will want to come visit me more often!  🙂

So, with that said.. I would LOVE your feedback.  What do you all like/not like about the design.  What would you all like to see?

Meanwhile, I’m off to get my foot massage.  Our house was divided tonight.  Djokovic and Murray played early this morning in the Australian Open, so we recorded it and watched it tonight.  I was cheering for Djokovic and Luvy was cheering for Murray.

I told him that if Djokovic won, I wanted a foot massage.  He agreed.  I asked him what he wanted if Murray won.  He said nothing. I guess he didn’t have much faith in his man!  🙂  At least my feet will be happy tonight.

Okay, so what’s your thoughts on the “new” blog????


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