See Ya When I See Ya

Do you ever want to beat your head against a wall?

That is how I feel about SPSS and statistics.  Just paint me done.  


It wouldn’t be so bad if I had someone to explain it to me…. BUT I don’t.  Too bad I actually need to know this stuff for my thesis.

After spending 4 hours in the computer lab trying to do my assignment, I gave up, went to Whole Foods with Ruthie and we ate our feelings.  It wouldn’t be so bad if this assignment was the only thing hanging over my head, but we also have a huge project due on the 28th.  I haven’t even started on that, because I have no clue what I’m even doing.  I don’t like this, because I’m usually the “smart kid” who explains things to everyone else.  Not this time…  I’m afraid this might be the first class I don’t make an A in.

Not only that , but I have been a bit removed this week because I have been battling a bug.  There are all kinds of fantastic things going around these days, and I have caught something I’m afraid.  


This certainly isn’t helping me have a better attitude about SPSS…  🙂

I’m so glad it is the weekend.  I need some sleep and oranges to battle my bug and lots of extra time and patience to do this assignment.

I may or may not survive this weekend, so I’ll see ya when I see ya!


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