Roots Lunch Date

I had a great lunch date today!

Ruthie and I went to Roots today.  Neither of us had been there, but Ruthie has eaten at the sister restaurant, Heart and Soy, that is in the same building.

It was such a nice place!  I have a feeling we will be back!  🙂

We ordered so much food!!!  We both got a soup and salad.  Ruthie got the Wonton with fresh egg noodles soup with the jicama salad.

I got the Fresh Udon noodles with spicy chili broth soup and the green papaya salad.

When my salad came out it had a carrot on top.  Our waiter had forgotten I was allergic to carrots.  He quickly took it back and had them make me another!  It was so nice of him!

We also got an order of the avocado and tomato rolls.

I’m glad neither of us have germs, because we were sharing everything!  🙂  It all was so good!

They make their own tofu here, and it was awesome!  I think I will have to buy some to bring home next time I go.  Ruthie isn’t a fan of tofu, but even she said it was good!

It wasn’t slimy or too soft… just perfect!

Ruthie and I already want to go back next week!  🙂

Perfect lunch date and a perfect spot!  It was a good day!

Happy Weekend Y’all!


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