Show the Love

Luvy and I are a pair today.

Yesterday, I tried running and it was a no go… My knee is hurting pretty bad today.  This may be too much information, but I also have a catch in my tush… is that possible?!?  It was hilarious trying to watch me clean the shower today.

Luvy woke up this morning with a crick in his neck.  He is walking around without moving his head.  It is pretty funny to see.

We are falling apart, but at least we have each other to laugh at!

We had plans to go to Walmart and to the movies today, but that didn’t happen.  We did work on school stuff, got the house cleaned, and made dinner!

Pretty good dinner if I say so myself.  Butternut squash and millet salad with roasted brussels sprouts.

Today, I realized that several people have asked me about commenting on the blog… how to do it… is it secure… why do you need to put in a name and e-mail addy, etc.

I love love love when you all leave me love notes on the blog.  (If you leave hate notes- that’s okay too.  Just know I have the right to delete them.)  🙂

To leave me some love just click the little icon that is on the top right of the post.  It looks like a little comment blurb.

It is secure.  All your information is completely confidential.  It has you to put a name on there that will be published.  So, don’t put lovemunchkins if you don’t want it published  mmmmkay??

Also, if you don’t want your last name published, leave it off as well.  It has you put in an e-mail addy that way I can respond to you directly if you have a question that would be better answered in an e-mail.  Also, that e-mail does not go anywhere else.  It is also there to make sure that Viagra or some other computer generated system or spam doesn’t start posting on my blog.

Also, you all know that you can always contact me via e-mail at delightsanddelectables (at)

Thanks for all the love you all have shown me and continue to show me!

Instead of going to the movies, Luvy and I rented one.  🙂  Off to the couch!

How was your Saturday??



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