Spring Fever

Today was a beautiful day!!  Too bad I had to work until 7pm.  Bummer.

We all wanted to “be sick” today and play hooky, but we were responsible adults. (Bummer #2)  🙂

I think my body knew it was going to be a warm and pretty day today, because for breakfast I didn’t want my typical oats.  In fact, I didn’t want anything hot- I wanted my homemade “yogurt“.  It was bliss.

On my way home from lunch, I kept debating what to make.  (Yes, I’m weird like that)  🙂  Luvy wasn’t home for lunch today, so I didn’t have him to help me choose.  A salad sounded so good since it was almost 70 degrees out, but I thought I had better make an egg scramble or something more filling since it had to hold me over until 7:30.

When I got home, the garage door wasn’t budging.  I went inside to find that the power was out!  No egg for me!  A salad it was.

It was exactly what I wanted and what my body needed.  I quickly grabbed all the leftovers and salad stuff out of the fridge– didn’t want to let out all the cold air!

In the mix went: spinach, arugula, celery , mushrooms, carrots, roasted butternut squash, millet, apple, pear, chickpeas, Twin Oaks Tofu, nuts, and granola.  Time to add back in the carrots and see how my belly does!

Sorry for the dark picture… no power remember??  🙂

I’m so ready for spring and summer when I can enjoy more cold and fresh foods.  I’m ready to pick my garden and have all kinds of fruits and veggies in season.

Today gave me spring fever so bad!!  Too bad tomorrow the temperature drops again.  Then again, it is still February!

Did you all enjoy the pretty weather today??  


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