How do you like it?

Some people like it hot, some like it mild.

Some people have beans, some don’t.

Some people eat it with crackers, others turn it into spaghetti.  🙂

Today was our annual Chili (or spaghetti) Cook-off at our church.   Every year, the youth group raises money for missions and their summer camp by hosting a chili cook-off.

I think that I get judged unfairly.  I never win, and I think it is because they are biased since mine doesn’t have meat.  😉

I give the judges grief every year!  🙂  It’s all love though.

We had a great time being with our church family today.  Plus, Luvy didn’t mind sampling all that chili!

My chili was just a simple vegetarian/vegan chili.

We had Bible study tonight, so come back tomorrow and I’ll have the recipe for you.  It’s super quick, easy, and made in the crockpot!

How do you all eat your chili?  I like mine with hot sauce and crackers!


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