My favorite day

When one of your favorite days only comes around once every 4 years, you make sure to make it a GREAT day!


I know I have told you all a million times that I LOVE leap day, but for those of you who don’t know…. I LOVE leap day, and here’s why.

Luvy and I met 8 years ago at McAlister’s on the strip in Knoxville on leap day.  My life was never the same since.  

Shortly after we met.  Don’t we look so young???

Luvy and I also married on leap year 4 years later.  🙂  

Our leap day this year. started off a little stormy.  Literally.  We had tornado warnings, and I got soaked running into work.  It was all good though, because it is leap day!

We had a super busy day at work, but Luvy and I still got to have lunch together. 🙂

Since it is Wednesday, we didn’t really get to celebrate our leap day, because he is at church until 8:30 for band practice.  We had a quick stir fry for dinner, and now we are off to hang out for a bit.  We will have to formally celebrate this weekend.  Maybe we can go to McAlister’s??  🙂

Yay for LEAP DAY!

I wonder what great things the Lord has in store for us this leap year!  He has always been so gracious to us, I’m excited to see what He has in store!

Do you all like leap day?  What is your favorite day?


Also, Happy 7th Birthday to my sweet friend Brittany.  Isn’t it cool to have a birthday on leap day???   You remain forever young since your birthday is once every 4 years!


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