Sick Day

Hey guys.  Sorry I have been so absent lately.

Tonight, I’m taking a sick day.  I have had an extremely tough and draining day, and I’m only posting to ask for your prayers.  Everyone is okay, and nothing is terribly wrong.  No need for panic!  🙂  I could come up with a great post for you all tonight and complete pretend like life is perfect and nothing is wrong, but that would make me a fake.  You all deserve better than that.

I am good at telling everyone else what to do in tough situations, but I stink at eating my own advice.  Ya know?  So, tonight I’m going to rest.  Let my body and mind just rest.  It has been a long time since I have just unplugged and rested, so its time.

I’ll be back tomorrow… New day, new perspective.  And I promise not to be such a Debbie Downer.

Happy weekend!

Double Dating

Double dates are the BEST!  Luvy and I and Nate and Briana have been trying to get together to go to El Mundo for ages.

Yesterday, I had to be in Louisville all day, so the three of them met me for dinner.

Briana and Nate had never been to El Mundo, and it was our first time eating in the diner area upstairs.

Briana and Nate both got the chicken burritos.  They came out and they were HUGE!  

Tiny Briana did good a good job with it.  I wish I had gotten an after picture!

I got the Q Plate with veggies on the side.  I love their food, but their guacamole lacks taste…   They are no Chipotle!  

After dinner, we took them over to the seminary to show them around.  It is so beautiful there in the spring.

Hopefully we will have more double dates! (hint, hint)  I just love them both!!

Happy Hump Day!

Mini Vaca Part II

Okay so I had NO idea yesterday when we got home that our town had a main water break!!  We were (and still are) under a boil water advisory.  Luvy and I had NO idea.  We went on our merry way drinking the water and everything until I went to work this morning.  Whoops.  So far, neither of us got sick.  However, I will say that it is tough living without running water!!

Anywho.. enough of my whining and complaining.

About our trip…  Saturday late morning we arrived at Luvy’s parents’ house.  We just hung out all day with them.  Unfortunately, I had to work on some school stuff.  However, I still got some good time with them.  We had a great time cooking dinner together that night.  Mary Ann and I made roasted potatoes and a salad.  Meanwhile, Luvy and his daddy mastered the grill.  They grilled up some salmon and asparagus.

That night, we went over to see our friends Ben and April and their sweet kiddos, Rush and Lottie.  This was our first time meeting Lottie. 

I fell in love instantly.  

Ben and April are amazing parents.  I have a feeling that I will be picking April’s brain like crazy when we have kids!  (Be ready April!)

Rush loves Lottie so much!  He is so sweet to her.  

Rush is such a sweet boy.  Luvy ready him a night time story.  🙂  So sweet!

We had such a great time in Tennessee.  I hate that we don’t get to see our family and friends as much as we would like, but it makes weekends like this so much sweeter!

That my friends was our weekend!

Hope you all had a great Monday!