Weathering the Storm

Thanks for all of you who have called/ texted/ or e-mailed and checked on us!  Thankfully, we are okay.

The worst part of the storm hit north of us in Indiana.  Unfortunately, it devastated several areas there, and there were a few fatalities.  Please be in prayer for this area as clean up and rebuilding begins.

Around 3:30, Luvy came and picked me up from home and took me to the church.  We don’t have a basement here, so he wanted us to be in a safe place.

We along with our friend Joshua waited in Luvy’s office until it was time to take cover.

Around 4:15 or so, the storm hit.  We had golf ball sized hail… maybe even a bit bigger.

I was so thankful that Cleopatra (my car) was safe in our garage, but Luvy’s car, White Rice, had to weather the storm. He came out with only a few dings from the hail, nothing too terrible.

Our friends, John and Susan, were also at the church.  John and Luvy work together.  

Susan was super prepared.  She had snacks, sleeping bags, and pillows just in case!  She was on it!  I left my house with just my backpack to do school work, and I left the washer, dryer, and dishwasher all running.  HA!

During the storm, the hail busted out several of the church’s windows!

When we came home, everything was okay around here.  Praise the Lord!  He certainly protected us!!

When I talked to my daddy tonight, he said a neighboring town, Tellico, got hit really bad by tornadoes as well.  All this devastation breaks my heart.  I pray that events like this makes us all more thankful for our blessings, but also causes us to reach out to those in need.

Tonight, our good friends Briana and Nate came over for spaghetti.  After the storm consumed most of our day, it was so nice to wind down and hang out!  We need to do that more often.

Did everyone weather the storm ok?  Any damages?


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