Random Wednesday

I’m so thankful that next week is “spring break”.  I still have to work and all, but at least I have a break from school.  I’m so burnt out.  I’m in my 3rd year of grad school, and I’m ready to be done.  That isn’t good considering that I have a thesis to write this year!

Since it is spring break, my sweet friend Ruthie is headed home, so before she left she came over tonight for us to finish an assignment that is due right after spring break.

Her body language says exactly how we both feel.  Over it!  🙂Yesterday, I saw absolutely no news.  There was a terrible wreck on the interstate that had the entire thing shut down.  After taking me triple the time to get home, Luvy and I had to rush to get his hair cut.

My friend Amanda cut his hair and it looks awesome!  I wish I had taken pictures!!  Bad blogger…  😉 I’ll take a picture of Luvy for you guys soon.

Anywho, since I didn’t see any news yesterday, I was completely heart-broken when I found out that Peyton Manning was let go of the Colts.  I guess I’m not a Colts fan anymore.  Good thing I didn’t have any Colts t-shirts or anything.  I’m sure that he will get picked up quickly.  He is arguably the best QB in the NFL.  I mean… I’m not biased or anything.


Since I’m being completely random tonight, Luvy and I did something that has never happened in this house.  We DVR’d the View.  Yes, the View.  Mark and Grace Driscoll were on there!  They have a new book out called Real Marriage.  Of course, the ladies on the View were not all warm and fuzzy with them.  Especially when they stood for sex only being for married heterosexual couples.  I thought Whoopie and Joy were going to blow a gasket.  The women asked questions in such a way that they looked ridiculous no matter way they answered it.  In other words, they asked “gottcha” questions.  I thought Mark and Grace were extremely gracious and warm.  Besides, if one person reads the book and their life is changed, it will be worth going on the View.

And that’s my randomness for today.  🙂  Now you all know a little bit of what goes in my brain every day.

Hope you all are having a great hump day!   


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