Let’s Rumba!

It has been a while since I have attended a dental conference.  March 2010 to be exact!

Today, I sat through dental meetings from 9 am to 5:30 pm!  It was a long day, but I met some new friends that made the experience much more enjoyable.  Pictures to come tomorrow.  We are back in session at 8:30 am tomorrow, so I’m going to hit the hay asap!

Luvy was so sweet to drop me off at the conference so that we didn’t have to have 2 cars out today.  When he picked me up, he took me out to eat.  Since I had surgery and all my food allergies, I haven’t been able to eat out may places.  Now that I am able to slowly start adding back foods, it is getting much easier.

Tonight, we went to Louisville’s own Havana Rumba.  It was delish!

We started out with the Tropical Salad.  I love the orange vinaigrette!

For dinner, I have the vegetable skewer plate with yucca.  

My favorite part was the black beans.  

Luvy got Vaca Fritas.  It is a beef dish with bell peppers and spices along with rice and black beans.

He loved it!  Mine was excellent too, if you can’t tell by my plate.

Now we both have super full bellies, and it is my bed time.

I would be super embarrassed if I fall asleep tomorrow during our 6 hour lecture!

Hope you all enjoy your Saturday.


One thought on “Let’s Rumba!

  1. Have fun at your conference! I know what you mean about eating out … it is hard when you have a lot of foods you can’t eat! I don’t trust places sometimes 🙂 It looks really good!

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