Inside Out Method

I am loving this weather!!  Well, minus the thunderstorm today, but I love the warmth!

I’m so ready for summer!  How about you all?

What seems like forever ago, I told you all that I got Bob Harper‘s DVD series Inside Out Method.  I promised I would let you all know what I thought.

It has taken forever for me to do them all more than once.  Not because they are hard or I didn’t like them, I just haven’t been making the time!

The verdict?  I love them!

They incorporate weights with cardio, which I love.  It is very different from Insanity, which is completely cardio.

Here is the breakdown of all four videos.

Pure Burn Super Strength

This has 2 different workouts.  The first is an hour-long, and the second is a 25 minute beginner workout.  They both are great, and will leave you sore.  You will need dumbbells for both workouts.  I love the hour-long one for a great total body workout.  It will get your heart rate up too!

Cardio Conditioning

This will leave you drenched in sweat!  The first hour-long workout uses weights and your own body weight to get your heart rate up.  You do enough push ups and use the weights enough to consider this a strength workout as well as a cardio workout.  It is not as cardio intense as insanity, but I definitely got my heart rate up plus a great weights workout!  The second 25 minute workout is a lower body and core workout that will leave your muscles burning!

Bob’s workout

This is my absolute favorite DVD!  This is 2- 30 minute workouts.  They are both circuit style workouts.  One is more upper body focused and they other is lower body focused.  They are both great workouts on their own or both or an intense hour-long workout!

Yoga for the Warrior

I have never been a fan of yoga.  However, this is the best yoga video I have done.  The first is an hour long workout.  It gives you a great stretch, plus it is a good body weight workout.  A couple of the moves I can’t do, but there is a modifier that you can stick with to make it a little easier.  I was definitely doing the modifications!  The second workout is 15 minutes of abs.  This may be the best ab video I have EVER DONE!  It gives your abs a great burn.  Even Luvy did it with me one day!  🙂

So, these are just my thoughts on Bob’s Dvds.  I was not paid to review this, this is simply my experience.  Always check with your doctor before starting any new workout program.

You can purchase Bob’s DVD’s here.  Right now, they are only $5!!

Have any of you tried Bob Harper’s videos?  What are your favorite workout DVD’s?


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