I love green.  My eyes are green, my favorite color is green, I love to dress my husband in green…

I’ve been looking forward to tomorrow for a long time.  I always loved St. Patrick’s Day in school, because it gave me an excuse to wear all kinds of green.  No one was pinching me!!!

There is absolutely no Irish in my blood (that I know of), but I love the day anyway.  I’m gearing up to eat my cabbage and potatoes tomorrow, but tonight I made sure that our meal had plenty of green!

Just okra, corn, and beans over spinach and topped with salsa and hot sauce.  Yum.

I’m so thankful it is Friday, and Luvy and I get to relax for a bit.  Today, I gave the house a good scrubbing and now I feel all clean and relaxed.  Doesn’t it feel great to have a clean house?!?

Soon, it will be spring cleaning time.  I am going to make out a schedule to help us get it all done this year.  Last year, I only got to a few of the rooms… not this year!  My kitchen is in serious need of the stove being pulled out and all the rogue veggies, beans, GRANOLA, etc. getting cleaned out.  I’m scared to know what’s under there…

How do you all feel about St. Patty’s Day?  You better wear green or I WILL pinch you. 

Enjoy your weekend!  It is supposed to be pretty, so get out and walk/garden/ or just be outside and enjoy God’s beautiful creation.  It is good for the mind and body!


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