Luck of the Irish

Have you all enjoyed your St. Patrick’s Day??

We sure did!  To start our day, Luvy and I slept in.  🙂  I made sure that we both ate lots of green today to celebrate St. Patty’s Day.

We ate a late breakfast that included oatmeal and a green smoothie.

I love green smoothies!  This one had banana, strawberries, peaches, and spinach.  Before you gag, you can’t taste the spinach- promise.

For lunch, Luvy had a sandwich with spinach and pickles for his green.

I had leftover broccoli dal and a big green salad with spinach, broccoli, green pear, kiwi, and chickpeas.  🙂

My favorite meal of the day was our Irish Potato and Cabbage Soup with Lentils (made in our GREEN pot) and homemade gluten-free soda bread!

Recipes to come!!

The soda bread was so good.  I ate 1/3 of the loaf already.  Oops…  So much for my “health eating” challenge….  The bread is healthy… just not is mass quantities.  It was so good that I couldn’t put it down.

The best part of today was that Luvy really did get the ‘luck of the Irish’!  He went to the grocery for me tonight, and he left his wallet, phone, and our Redbox rental on the top of his car.  He realized it when he pulled out onto the highway!   He quickly turned around, and he recovered everything!

His wallet had spilled out a couple of important cards, but he found them.  His phone was in 3 pieces, but none were broken.  Plus, the DVD was found and it was still in working order!  Can we say luck or what?!?

Off to enjoy the rest of our night!

What did you all do for St. Patrick’s Day??



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