The Cat’s Outta the Bag

Sunday was a good day for our church family!

Last summer, our previous pastor, Paul Chitwood, resigned to be the executive director of the Kentucky Baptist Convention.  Since then, we have been blessed to have Brother Billy Compton as our interim pastor.  Our church’s pastor search committee had over 200 applicants interested in our church!  After going through all of those, the committee came in front of the church to recommend a pastor on Sunday.  To our delight, it was Brother Billy!!

I was so glad that “the cat’s outta the bag”, because I hate keeping secrets.  I can keep them, but when it is exciting like that, it makes me want to explode!  Luvy and the other church staff had been told several weeks ago, and we couldn’t have been more thrilled.

Saturday, the staff all got together at the Florence’s house to welcome and get to know Brother Billy and his sweet wife, Sue Ann better.

Everyone was there!  It has been so long since we have all gotten together it was nice to have everyone under the same roof.

The kids were hard at play.  Baby Cole and I got to hang out for a while too.  I can’t believe how big he has gotten already!!

Luvy and I look forward to working with and getting to know Brother Billy and Sue Ann better.

God has taught me something in all of this.  It was really sad to see Paul and Michelle leave our church.  We still remain close friends with them (and we still miss them!!!).  Sometimes change is difficult, but God will use it to further His kingdom.  We can miss out on blessings that God has for us if we are unwilling to change and to embrace change as a gift.

Welcome Bro. Billy and Sue Ann!!!  

Do you all have a hard time with change, or do you embrace the new experience?  I have a terrible time with change!


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