Mini Vaca Part I

I’m back!

Hope you all had a great weekend!  Luvy and I decided to take a mini vaca to Tennessee this weekend.  I decided to completely unplug and put the blog on the back-burner while we were there.  At first, I was anxious about not being involved in the blog world, but that didn’t last long!  🙂  I love you guys, but I was happy to just hang out.

We drove down late Thursday night, and we got up Friday and took it easy.  That was glorious!  Around lunchtime, we headed over to my mom’s house to meet up with her and my papaw.

After lots of catching up and a wonderful lunch, mom and I whipped out Turbofire!  

We survived!!  She really enjoyed it.  I’ll be telling y’all more about Turbofire very soon!

After we left mom’s, we headed over our brother and sister-in-law’s house to see more of the fam.  This is Luvy’s oldest brother- Nathan’s family.

I can’t believe how much Molly is growing!  We haven’t seen her in 3 months.  That isn’t that long, but she sure has changed quickly!

We also saw Elizabeth, Daniel, Paula, and Nathan.  I just didn’t get any pictures of them!  (oopsy)

Friday night, we hung out with Daddy.  It was a peaceful evening until around 2:30am.

Then the storm hit.  We got a terrible thunderstorm with hail!  I just knew Cleopatra(my car) was going to look like a golf ball in the morning.  It hailed, no joke, for 10 minutes or so- hard.  Daddy has a tin roof.  We love the tin roof when it rains.  It is so soothing!  Hail is a whole different ball game.  I was up for the rest of the night.  The insomnia isn’t getting any better!

The next morning we checked Cleopatra, and she was just fine!

Before we headed off to Luvy’s parents’, we made one final pit stop for Luvy.  He LOVES Sweetwater Valley Cheese.  It is made right outside my hometown.  So, we stopped by the farm to let him try out a couple of different kinds of cheese to get a block or 2.  

While he was looking, I found this:

Moonshine jelly!  Are we in East Tennessee or what???  😉

We came away with a T-shirt and 2 blocks of cheese.  Then, we were off….

Part II tomorrow night!

How was your all’s weekend??


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