Sweet Blessings

Thank you all so much for all your support over the past week.  This is yet another reason I love this blog.  It keeps me in such close contact with you all!  God has shown me in so many ways how much He loves me these past few days.  I believe that God can speak to us in many different ways.

First of all, he has spoken to me through YOU.  So many of you have sent me words of encouragement, e-mails, and hugs.  I can’t say how much I appreciate all of them.  This week, a friend that I look up to immensely sent me the sweetest letter speaking TRUTH into my life.

This just reminds me more and more how much I need you all.

God has used my sweet and every patient husband to walk along side me.  He has taken time away from other things to be with me and to give me extra TLC.  He is a blessing and gift from God!

Another huge blessing is that my daddy came up to visit for Easter!!!

I strongly believe that God speaks not only through the Bible to us, but through other people and nature.  Today was such a gift.  We took Daddy up to the seminary where Luvy goes to school, and it was a gorgeous day!

I feel like God has been whispering and showering me with sweet blessings all week.  He has even brought me new friends that are Godly women who speak truth into my life and give me so much encouragement!

Praise God!  I want to be a woman who can praise Him through the good and the bad.

I think sometimes it is easy to praise and thank God during the good times, but so much harder to trust and thank him through the difficult times.  I don’t want to be that way!


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